The Body Kinetic is a resource for building a curious, loving relationship with a body that supports you well.

It’s about helping your daily actions be functional and comfortable, and making your movement and athletic practices sustainable. About sharing lots of ways of understanding the body–scientific, artistic, personal–so you might be able to connect newly to your own. About helping yoga teachers, bodyworkers, dance teachers, trainers, and other professional body folks communicate with their clients in fresh and effective ways.

Bodies are intelligent, wild, strange, exciting, annoying, beautiful, and really f-ing awesome. Let’s get in there! Let’s muck about in the beauty and the weirdness! Let’s get the tools we need to feel at home in our bodies!

About Me

Hannah de Keijzer: body geek, Board Certified massage therapist, and professional dancer.

I’m fascinated by how bodies move, function, and heal, and by all the mysterious, ever-changing permutations of how we relate to them. In my art making and through massage, I’m working to create viscerally resonant experiences that can’t be explained right away (or ever). In talking to clients and through this blog, I’m working on the explanations that tune people in to the constant resonance of living in their particular body.

My work is strongly influenced by that of Tom Myers, who investigates the body through the lens of interconnected chains of fascia.

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